Frivolous flamingo festival

Good afternoon friends,

This is a light hearted post from my alter ego, the frolicking flamingo, about f words.

I wrote last month how this year I’ve elected to have both a word of the year AND a symbol – for me a flamingo. Thank you to those of you who have indulged me in this fun approach to beginning a new decade.

On a recent visit to our accountant my husband and I were asked why we were dressed flamboyantly (colourful was the word used), and what we were doing in the city. We explained that we were celebrating my new decade and his response was, “enjoy the festival of Esyltt”. This concept brought delight and I’ve shared it with friends and family.

Now it’s February and the festival continues. I received a delightful surprise when my daughter who lives overseas knocked on my door 5 days earlier than her expected arrival. So family has featured stronger than ever the past few days. Soon we are off to Fremantle for a long weekend to continue the festival.

Fitting all this into a full life has had its moments of feeling flustered, of questioning whether I’m being overly frivolous or self-indulgent.  It’s the feeling of being stretched in several different directions at one time, by competing values and commitments. To friends, family and work. As someone who is dedicated to both family and work it is uncomfortable when I feel that I’m compromising one or the other.

Listening to Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown was reassured by her advice about giving yourself permission slips. Just like children need signed permission slips to go on excursions Brene encourages people to write themselves permission slips. Today I give myself the freedom to fly, to soar through the next week, focused on family and fun.

Now it’s your turn, dream about your own festival, write down who, when, where, remembering that light and laughter are essential to living with vitality. And write a permission slip that frees you to do something that brings you joy.

Wishing you abundant freedom and fun filled moments,


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